Zambia Army Recruitment 2018 Application Form | Zambia Army Recruitment 2018 intake

Zambia Army Recruitment 2018 - Springexplorer

Zambia Army Recruitment 2018

Zambia Army Recruitment 2018 Application Form | Zambia Army Recruitment – Are you interested in Zambia Army? Are you ready join the Zambia Army Recruitment 2018 , but you don’t know how or where to start? We are here to inform you and the general public about the on-going Zambia Army Recruitment and how to get the Zambia Army Recruitment 2018 Online Application Form and Zambia Army Recruitment 2018 intake.

he Zambian Army is part of the Zambian Defence Force. Like all branches of the Zambian military, citizens of the nation are required to register at 16, and citizens can join at 16 with parental consent or at 18 when they are classified as adults by Zambia. Applicants must be Zambian citizens and must have a Grade 12 certification. Applicants must also undergo a test for HIV on enlistment. Personnel can serve until age 65, when there is a mandatory retirement. Its first major general was Michael Grigg, appointed by Kenneth Kaunda. According to the 2014 CIA World Factbook:

Requirements – Zambia Army Recruitment 2018

  • Applicants must be Zambian citizens and must have a Grade 12 certification.
  • Applicants must also undergo a test for HIV on enlistment
  • Candidate must be medically, physically and rationally fit
  • Candidate must be a Zambian and jave a green national registration card
  • Intrigued Candidate ought to be between eighteen (18) and twenty five (25) years old and at least 1.6 meters in tallness.
  • Stature [173cm or 5.8ft for male and 165 cm or 5.4ft for female]
  • Candidate must have (14) points and beneath at grade 12 level which should include English, Mathematics, Science and two other subjects.

How Can I Apply for Zambia Army Recruitment?

The selection method is extremely intensive, you have to give yourself the opportunity to get ready. This implies giving yourself an opportunity to assemble all the individual information and documents before you start. Click to here, to know how to preparation.

Zambia Army Recruitment Form is currently not yet out, It is our duty to keep you informed on any news concerning Zambia Army Recruitment, Kindly subscribe to our blog. So that immediately the form is out we will get back to you and show you how you can Apply for the Recruitment form.

Zambia Army Recruitment 2018

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